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Free Polls

27/03/05 - 15.03

Simple to set up, easy and effective to use. See a demo of what they look like here. Quite plain you think? Plain means very adaptable, use it to your advantage.

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Crossword Solver

27/03/05 - 13.00

Now anyone can get help with their crossword puzzles. The “crossword puzzle” option is the best feature of this tool just enter “?” where you don’t know a letter. Alternatively enter all the letters of a scrambled word.

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RSS Digest

26/03/05 - 14.28

Thanks to RSS Digest this blog is now automatically syndicated on the main Sam Davyson page. I have adapted the layout of the main page to give a “blog option”. I think it is quite dynamic.

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Radio Leeds

25/03/05 - 22.22

The archives of Martin Kellner’s show. Just listen, you’ll see.

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Gmail Text Message

25/03/05 - 21.57

Get gmail to forward your new emails to your phone! Yes it really is
possible and can be set up in a jiff following the simple instructions
at the links above. Basically it uses the “email address” that every
phone apparently has in conjunction with gmail’s forwarding feature.

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Math Type

25/03/05 - 19.56

“The best thing for writing equations since chalk”, erm not quite. Pen and paper still wins in my book. However this program is very good at producing lovely looking maths equations as images, and then you can paste them easily to Word etc.

It is only a free as a trial though, but I think turning back your computer clock stops it expiring.

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Rockface Game

25/03/05 - 19.53

This is a wondefully simple game that I seem to be strangely addicted to. You have to rescue people whilst driving a helicopter, but don’t get too excited it is very basic and completely 2D.

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24/03/05 - 17.10

A small site with a few interesting tools. Get yourself Gmail from the spooler, get your name as a barcode, read the blog, get comic strips delivered daily, and various things small piece of code.

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Cute PDF

23/03/05 - 15.49

Now you can make PDFs without buying the full Adobe Suite for some £160 /$299. In fact the software is free and although the set up is a little strange (you have to install a virtual printer) it is a good tool for anyone and it allows you to make PDFs from any application with aprinting ability.

No watermarks, no time limit, no worries.

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Smart Draw

23/03/05 - 15.22

This drawing tool allows you to easily produce professional diagrams, flow charts, circuits, organisation charts and teaching materials (i.e. spider diagrams). Unless you’re willing to fork out big cash it is only a trial in which all productions are watermarked.

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