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23/04/05 - 12.41
This is a brilliant new edition to the whole suite of features already offered by Google, which already includes Gmail, Froogle, Google Maps, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search, Google Alerts, and Google Groups as well as (through lesser affliation and aquiration) Blogger (which powers this blog), Orkut, Hello and Keyhole. It is a relatively simple tool which simply lists your Google Searches, that you made when signed into your Google Account. Gmail users all already have a Google Account and this new feature integrates with the existing features well, although a direct link from your Gmail Inbox would be nice.

It is of course a little over the top. And this is made clear to all users by the Search Feature in the service, through which you can search for your previous searches, which is basically Googling what you have already Googled. Useful? Perhaps.

All of this is summarised by a Slashdot user who says on the topic:

Wait.. so I can search for a search that I’ve searched for before?!?

and perhaps others can search through the searches that I’ve searched? Will I be able to search their searches of my searches?

whoa. my brain just exploded.

What I didn’t realise, is that this is not a new idea. There already is a feature to have My Yahoo! Search History, and it has to be said that it is better than what Google has to offer. You can add notes to the Searches that you save, and also by default searches are not automatically saved, you just click a link next to the result to do so, which I think is much better. They also make it sound a lot less stupid. You search “My Web” (pages that you have saved) rather than “Searching your Searches”, you can also block pages that you don’t want to appear leading to full personalisation. Even Ask Jeeves have already got a similar feature (“MyJeeves”), which is like a dumbed down version of Yahoos, but largely the same.

For once it seems that Google is playing catch up, and as Search Engline Lowdown (which is Sponsored by Ask Jeeves) writes:

why don’t they just call it MyGoogle and be done with it

It is all very out of the ordinary, but Google have a habit of coming out with features that blow the opposition to pieces, just like when Gmail was first placed in beta with 1000 MB to oppose the 2 MB Hotmail offered. Of course things have changed since then and now with Yahoo! Mail you get 1000 MB rather than 6, and at Hotmail storage is 250 MB from 2. So the competition between the search engines (and increasingly “portals”) only makes for better user services, and the way that Google does things also cheaper (who would pay for storage with Hotmail when more was availiable for free with Gmail, etc).

As can be seen from the list of features at the start, Google is loaded with tools, however to stay ahead of the game, it needs more. And they are all created in Google Labs.

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Any Browser

21/04/05 - 18.19

This is the home of the campaign to stop the production of browser specific web pages. The idea is that the choice of a browser is a choice that people should be able to have and that websites should be compliant with the W3 guidelines. There are thousands of graphics and logos that you ca post on your site to show your agreement with the campaign. The site also boasts a forum where you can ask others to check your site, or get help with issues. This all comes as many people comment that the browser wars have returned, with Firefox gaining market chare and IE’s usage starting to finally drop. I have written about browsers before, and at the moment I am a Firefox and Opera user.

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Related Image:

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13/04/05 - 21.04

I use 3 tracking services (1, 2, 3) to check my page views across by little area of webpages. 3 is far to many, I don’t even need one, I could count the hits that I get myself, on one hand. However, 12th April 2005 saw more visitors to this page than ever before previously, and it was a joy to check the Stats (which I initially presumed were fraudulent) and see all of the visitors (thanks to all). The best service at giving me information was by far StatCounter which provides indepth information about every single page view, including referrals, browser types, resolutions, IPs… the list goes on. As for the other 2, well number one is ok with a fairly comprehensive range of data, but number 2 is covered in adverts, and not much else.

So if you need a counter, I would recommend you visit the site above.

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The new blog design is the result of some personal error, it is a temporary measure, expect the older version to be restored soon.

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13/04/05 - 16.53

An unbeatable collection for flashy items, the lastest of which is amaztype which brilliantly takes a keyword (title, author, filmstar, muscian etc.) and diaplys the images obtained of a search on amazon arranged to spell out that word. There is even a zeitgeist of the most popular searches.But that is just one examplem there are literally loads of them, and if you go to th min page and click “past archive” you can see some of the older ones. Many of the things are interactive with fingertracks showing how other people (and you) moved mouses on the page. Seemingly dull? Incredibly entertaining.

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Images: One common search on amaztype looks like:

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Number 27

13/04/05 - 16.51

A brilliant collection of clever flashy items by Jonathan J. Harris. He recently did the Yahoo Netrospective which is based on his round the world news picture grid caled 10 x 10. The highlight for me is the differences between the word and query count. The first of which lists the most commonly used words in the English language in order of how frequently they are used, there is a search feature and you can key in any word you wish and find it on the list. The second in a list of words this time arranged by the frequency to which they have been requested in the search box on the word count. The results are startling.

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This post is the first of a newer style. More description, links without their full URLs (except for the see also, and the main site), this will be the standard format from here on.

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How Stuff Works

12/04/05 - 20.35

Ever wanted to know how televisions, fax machines, spontaneous human combustion, dreams, zips, love, stem cells, telephones, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, gas prices, allergies, organ transplants, poker, franchising, tattos, online dating, finger-print scanners and underground pet fences work?

No, me neither.

But if you ever did, at least now there is a way to find out. An excellent and vast site with thousands of dazzling images, and tonnes of pages of full on explanations.

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