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Blog Update

31/08/05 - 21.42

I have not updated these links. It would take a while. Sorry! You can find the original posts using the search.

This blog was originally about links. Finding sites that are rather good. Well I notice that a few of the sites that I have pointed out in the past have grown to new strengths or fallen into disrepair. This is an update for those posts.

Tabbrowser Preferences (original) has slightly moved its homepage. And now it is compatible with the very latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

My post on Gmail (original) is now fairly outdated. The service is now available to US citizens who own Mobile phones. And it offers just over 2.5 GB of storage after competitors hit the magical 1GB. The amount of storage is now continually growing and a counter on the gmail homepage denotes the current figure. There are many new features now in gmail including changing who the email is sent from, web clips (for some users only), integration with Google Talk and dozens of new languages for the interface.

The world-tour for the Yeti of Yetisports (original) is now over. With 9 games now online the team have moved on to another theme. Ice hockey related I believe. The website is still available though and will be for some time to come.

Smart Draw (original) has hardly changed but you can now view one of the items I made in it online in my Chemistry pages. View the flow chart here.

Gmail invites are no longer available from (original) which closed down after contact from the Gmail product manager.

MathType (original) is the same as Microsoft Equation Editor. Well infact MSEE is a lite version of the MathType editor and is available from Word by clicking Insert, then Object and selecting it from the list. Insertion of your Office CD may be necessary.

RSS Digest (original) is now called FeedDigest, and operates an improved service under the new name. More options are available and it is still 100% free.

The interface and the graphs in StatCounter (original) have been updated making it the best visitor counter my even more then before. There is now more customation available and the graphs can be displayed in almost any form you wish. And of course it’s still free.

Improvements have also been made to Google Search History (original) which now personalises your search results (on ocassions) to suit you on the basis of what you’ve clicked in the past. It also displays how many visits (if any) you’ve made to the results and when the last one was. Google have integrated it (slightly) into their personalised homepages.

Haloscan (original) is apparently more popular than ever previously with heaps of users. However the Haloscan account that I used to use has been discontinued by myself. I wasn’t pleased with the display of the comments, and therefore it was got rid of in the wake of the new layout.

The doors of Yahoo! 360 (original) have opened. But I have never really used it other than to steal a code-snippet for my new WebPage Maker. However it turns out that Yahoo! had nicked it from KevinRoth anyway.

And that is everything that’s changed. I’ll run another Blog Update post later this year to re-update myself on all the above sites and of course with all the ones I link to between now and then.

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New Blog Layout

31/08/05 - 15.19

Today I created the brand new blog layout. It goes with the new design of that is slowly prevailing over the previous assortment of content.

The plan is for all pages to end up using the formatting system employed in the AS directory. Obviously different colours are used in each area which helps to make them easily distinguishable.

The blog falls into the web catergory and therefore everything is rather blue.

To glimpse the future check out the archive

// Update*: To see the original layout you can view this page, but note that it is old posts and it is no longer updated. Which do you think is better?

// Update 2: The homepage has now been rebranded to follow the new theme. See the post here or view the homepage.

*// Update 3: In the wake of Google Blog Search (my post) I have removed the old blog and replaced it with a redirect message. So the link in Update (1) will not work.

// Update 4: However you can get a feel of the layout of the old blog on one of the old archive pages.

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