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Save Jeeves

08/10/05 - 13.57

This is a new blog that calls for the saving of the Ask Jeeves character. Apparently Interactive Corp. (the new owners of Ask Jeeves) what to dump the butler figure.

The blog was created and is written by an ex-Jeeves worker who feels that dropping the Butler would be the worst move the company could take. In the extremely long posts he says “the butler commands loyalty” and claims that has a user base that is quite seperate from the big name engines of Google and the like.

I find this all rather amusing after yesterday I got a visitor to my site (infact to this very blog) who had searched for “the worlds best mathematician” on Ask Jeeves. The second result was this post which does not provide the answer to the question at all. I think Ask Jeeves need to concentrate on their results and not their icon.

Search Engine Watch (my post) offers suggestions to changes to other engines logos.

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Visitor Ville

06/10/05 - 19.46

Pie charts and bar graphs have been used to represent numbers for centuries. And they do a good job at it. But wouldn’t it be cooler if it was a bit jazzed up? Visitor Ville certainly thinks so. Instead of graphs and tables the site provides a program that shows your website as a city. In the city you see your visitors walking around as people moving from building to building (page to page). There are also buses that are decorated up with “Google” or “Yahoo!” which guide users to a building. In addition the program involves passports, taxis and (in the future) bicycles and other vehicles. It is rather like Sim City.

Overall this gives you quite an amazing representation of your sites traffic. And it updates in real time. So you can actually view your few visitors move around or even 3000 visitors if your popular. It is well and truly awesome.

Wait a second don’t you really like StatCounter (my post)? Yes I do. And I am not switching. Visitor Ville is glossy but expensive and fairly impractical. Rather than viewing stats on a website you have to be using the program so you’d only be able to get at the stats from one PC. Also there are very tight restrictions on the meagre free accounts. To add to that I don’t like the lack of organisation. The pages on your site are just scattered. It would be much better if directories in the site were reflected in roads and subdirectories were sidestreets. Finally the program is very slow to run on my computer and it is boring looking at an empty city.

Well, empty until you just drove in.

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