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Site Round Up

30/11/05 - 19.01

This site is going really strongly at the moment. The main areas which people are visiting are:

  • Organics Flowchart (link) – AS Chemistry (link)
  • Aluminium Website (link) – AS Physics (link)
  • This Blog (you are here) – Web (link)
  • Nick Margerrison (linkhis blog) – Site Odds & Ends (link)

Most of the rest of the site is not built yet. So you’d hardly expect it to be packed with users. I’d like to see a few more of the people making the trip to the feedback form to help me to further improve the site.

Thank you for visiting, you can view the latest stats at, currently about 200 unique users per week clicking on 1000 pages.

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Future Reviews

21/11/05 - 19.28

Blog HeaderComing soon to this blog are reviews of Google Analytics (link), Anoraks Guide to Radio in North Yorkshire (link), Browsers (Part 2), Riya (link) and APOD (link). Stay tuned.

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Skeptic’s Annotated Bible

11/11/05 - 22.00

There are more copies of the Bible than any other book. But it has been read by relatively few people in full. The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible is a full version of the Bible with all the inconsistencies, and less well known teachings highlighted. This makes for excellent reading. Don’t worry, the good bits are marked out too, and it is suggested that maybe the Holy Book should be stripped down to these alone. The organisation of the website is such that you can view by each individual verse, or by topic instead. There are some great pages of contradicting quotes too.

To get a better idea regarding what it is all about, then you can read the excellent preface to the website. There is also a similar guide to the Quran. With once again everything that is somewhat perculiar pointed out.

I also found this superb Lego guide to the Bible.

The blog was down for most of the first half of November. A backup has been made on for if it ever happens again.

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