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Wikipedia Responds

28/12/05 - 01.25

Vandalism of Wikipedia articles has lead to a response from the Wikipedia editors of introducing “Semi Protection” for articles. This will be used on pages where bad edits are continually being made and will stop unregistered and newly registered users from editing.

Although I think it is a shame I support this move.

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Yahoo! Answers

21/12/05 - 15.53

This is a new service from the huge web services company Yahoo!. It allows you to easily post questions and get answers from other users. In that way it is pretty much like a forum apart from it is specifically geared towards questions and answers. So you can only post one answer to each question, the questioner can put the answers to a vote etc. A points system underlies the whole website to encourage people to use the system. As you move up the points ladder you can posts more questions and answers and get special gifts from the Yahoo team. It is called Yahoo! Answers and I think that it is fairly brilliant.

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Blogging with Firefox

21/12/05 - 00.29

Bookmarks in PerformancingThis entry was posted using the new, and totally awesome Firefox extension from Performancing. Believe all the hype. It is brilliant.

I have now done a full review of Perfromancing. Read it.

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43 Things

18/12/05 - 19.57

Want to get something done? Want to go somewhere? Then do it. Don’t waste your time logging onto and telling everyone else what you are planning to do. Actually even though that way of doing things would get more things done (maybe even get close to 43) using is certainly a nice experience and a great place to keep a list of your aims and ambitions. This is especially important with the new year coming up. Instead of one resolution once a year you can have 43 all the time. The great thing is is that you can see what everyone else is trying to do, which is good inspiration. If you are particularly into travelling then you can also look at which is a sister site and works in much the same way.

Yes the future reviews are still coming.

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18/12/05 - 15.25

Delicious is a site to store your bookmarks. Great. I thought that was a job for browsers. Well I suppose it is, but when you use more than one computer regularly keeping synched copies of all your favourite sites becomes a real pain. Especially if using a single-profile shared PC where making bookmarks cannot be done. Also when you make bookmarks only you can see them. You don’t get to share your wonderful finds with the other millions of web surfers. That is why we have delicious.

It has obviously got a really cool web address ( and it is a really cool site. You post your bookmarks, and then you can access them anywhere. The other perk is that you can see what other people are bookmarking, and you can share your bookmarks with others. The sites also allows for the tagging of your bookmarks (translates to: labels in Gmail, tags in flickr) and the bundling of tags into larger catergories. All of this means your bookmarks can be organised and accessible. Get a better idea of what is about on the site.

The great thing is using your Firefox browser you can add a bookmark with this address as the link location and say “deli” as the keyword or even “d”. Then when you find a site you like you just need to go to the address bar (CTRL + L) and type “deli” or “d” and press return. The site you were viewing will be bookmarked, and you will get the chance to add tags, notes etc. You can alternatively make it a button in your browser but I personally value the screen space too highly. At the moment I am using to keep track of sites that I may want to later blog about on here. I anticipate that in the future will act as a full archive of those sites that I have discussed and some that I never got round to chatting about.

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The Coolest Illusion

03/12/05 - 17.03

Circle of Pink DotsI posted previously about the great colour tricks over on the eChalk site. Well now I think I’ve seen something even better. This one has a rotating pink dot, or does it…

You’ll see what I mean when you decide for yourself. See the illusion.

By the way you can see how popular this illusion is by its popularity on, where I am currently moving my bookmarks. More on that later.

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Gmail Features

02/12/05 - 22.47

As Gmail continues its dominance in the Webmail world I just found that Yahoo Mail are providing a nicely presented nearly comprehensive list of Gmail’s features, which is nice of them. The list includes the following great Gmail features:

  • 2 GB storage.
  • No graphical adverts.
  • No taglines at the end of messages.
  • POP3 access.
  • Auto-forwarding.
  • Spam protection.

They are listed under what you get if you go for the premium Yahoo account.

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More Great Pages

01/12/05 - 16.22

Blue Ball Machine presents a large and extended production line in which blue balls are processed in various wasy before progressing to the next step. Many of them are absolutely ingenious and you are advised to follow one ball as it move along. Put it this way, it must have taken days and days to make.

Over at there is a full list of purpose free sites, including the Blue Ball Machine. One of my favourites is which is a very short online game set in a forest. You have to choose whether to turn left or right etc. You can get tips and view comments on the sites and tips on how to move on on this thread.

Another page from the pointless list is the game Squares (version 2) which is absolutely, totally, terribly addictive. It is hosted by EbaumsWorld which has loads of other cool bits on. My favourite thing there is the Trigrid which shows an “impossible” pari of triangles. How it works is up there too but it is initally very perplexing.

I’ve found some great video pages too. There is one with some guys singing a love song with mathematical references (I cannot function without you // everything is complexified // when we’re one to one etc.)

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