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Otavo is Different

31/05/06 - 19.04

I just got invited into Otavo “the intention engine”. I read about it a while back on Mashable and then TechCrunch. I think that Pete Cashmore’s analysis was pretty spot on. It is a very interesting product. It is easy to think that it is another social bookmarking clone. But it is not. Not at all. Otavo wants to arrange websites in terms of tasks (or “quests”) that people want to achieve. So at the moment it is pretty useless. There are not enough people circulating its walls but if it grows into a full fledged database complete with useful links for most people’s intentions then I cant think of a better way to search. I can use the research of someone else and someone else can use mine. And the beauty is the way it is organised in these “quest” things so every link is precisely what you need.

Just for one example if it becomes popular enough this could be the ultimate resource in technical help. Just search for the error that you are having and find out how other people got their errors resolved. Or on another extreme it would be the ultimate restaurant review. Just search for restaurants in wherever and find where other people went. Anyway I am going to start using it for a few things and I will let you know how successful it is at fulfilling my quests.

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Getting Up To Date

31/05/06 - 17.20

There are a number of things coming up for this site now. But all of them are coming towards the end of June so you will have to be patient. I am probably going to cut back on the ads I recently added to the education section and upload more content. I am also going to reinstate and update the Hotmail feature, update the dormant web section, make a notes section lifting the code essentially from the riddle forum, publicise the links blog more heavily on the main site, update the PHP zone to include working versions of all my PHP projects and to have the source code from them freely available, post a full review of Mac OS X to this blog, add set 4 to the web riddle, better integrate my pictures into the sidebar, work on the UI for an exam results project (remotely controlled of course), completely recode the website editor to incorporate different levels of authority as well as moving files, PHP transfers etc and finally reorgnise the backend of the site deleting unused content and updating old pages where needed.

Is that it? Nearly. I also want to completely redesign the CSS for the site, and get all pages on one common (and new) stylesheet. This will tie in heavily with the new editor which should be capable (via JavaScript) of adding such themes to the code. So there is a fair bit to come, and I will post more information nearer the time on the dedicated Site Log.

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MacBooks are Great

25/05/06 - 22.02

… and I think that is all I need to say.

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MacBook Released

17/05/06 - 17.24

Too right. It is in the post.

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Web Riddle Update

11/05/06 - 20.51

Riddle -- Level 1I recently added four further levels top bring the total up on the web riddle to eight. But much more significantly come the end of Google’s Da Vinci Quest the puzzle hungry people over at Google Blogosocoped have started playing the riddle. This is providing me with a lot of feedback about the riddle (just by some of the URLs being tried, emails I am receiving, comments etc) and increasing the riddle’s exposure greatly.

In terms of progress many of the testers were worried that the whole thing was a little too hard. And perhaps it is. But I think it is good that way. The more challenging the more rewarding. Most people do not get past level 1. But many people show no signs of stopping trying. Guessing is not required, but it sometimes is a fun way to let your agression out. The image shows what they are all up against.

Most notably Tony Ruscoe (blog) has managed to complete all eight of the levels. This is absolutely exceptional. The testers (who were supplied with much more guidance) took longer than this. Hats of to him, seriously. He may help write some later levels. In the meantime Ribrob is doing levels 9 to 12, and I am writing he following set (which is almost done).

Happy Riddling!

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