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Blue October *NOT* In The UK This March

27/01/07 - 23.22

Blue October

See them LIVE in Manchester on March 17th, in Birmingham on March 18th and London on March 20th. Full details and buy tickets.

Update: According to the official website this tour has been rescheduled for an unannounced time later this year. :(

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Facebook Mobile – Oh Dear Twitter

10/01/07 - 19.22

Today Facebook have launched Facebook Mobile. The extra functionality is broken down into three sections – you can browse Facebook on your phone, you can upload content to Facebook on your phone and you can get text updates and send text updates to Facebook. I am only interested in the latter.

Facebook Mobile

So what does this text service offer? Well you can search Facebook users, and get there info I assume delivered to you by text. And you can write on people’s walls, send people messages, poke people… etc. On January 7th I said that I thought that Facebook could do with acquiring Twitter or at least making use of some of their ideas on this Flickr Photo. And now it looks like that is what they have done.

The actual functionality of Twitter – sending you updates on what your contacts are doing – seems to be missing for now. I don’t think there is any sort of automatic message sending out – it only sends you messages to requests that you have made. But it is hard to tell without using the service which is something I am not doing anytime soon. I do know though that a feature where everytime a friend updated their status you got it on your phone (i.e. Twitter) would go down amazingly well among students.

Facebook Commands:

Facebook Commands

Twitter Commands:

Twitter Commands

If it is not there right now – it would be a great addition. And I am sure it will come.

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Internet Goes Crazy Over iPhone

10/01/07 - 03.11

Techmeme is completely jammed! Take a look at this snapshot of the page. The discussion on the iPhone is all over it.

Tech Meme

And over on Technorati where the top tags and searches are:


And if you glance at Digg you can’t help but notice the most digged story ever with nearly 15,000 diggs and more than 1000 comments:

Digg Top Result

And also that the iPhone occupies 6 of the top 10 stories on Digg:

Digg Top 10

And on Reddit it is number 1 with more than 600 votes:

Reddit Top

And finally from Newsvine we see this:

Picture 8.pngPicture 9.png


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World Of Apple Live is Down Already?!

09/01/07 - 17.10

The site that was set to offer live audio streaming of the upcoming Macworld Keynote already seems to have fallen offline. World Of Apple seems to be showing a “Server Not Found” message right now. And it is just 51 minutes until the keynote…

Update: Can now get the Favicon. Not the site though. Better use Mac Rumors Live instead.

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Text Link Ads

09/01/07 - 04.37

I have terminated the Google Adsense adverts that used to run to the right hand side of this blog, and have replaced them with some Text Link Ads. You will notice that there is just one link there right now, but this is because of the way that Text Link Ads works. Sponsors actually have to buy the space on your blog. So it does take a while to build up revenue.

I will let you know how the campaign progresses – this is me optimising my blog for once, something you can expect to happen around January every year, as that is when I have to pay my hosting bill. If you think that you would like to join Text Link Ads because of reading this post then you can click on the links below. Choosing the affiliate link will benefit me, and this site through the Text Link Ads affiliate scheme, at no cost at all to you.

Benefit me by using an affiliate link: Text Link Ads
Or click through cleanly (no affiliation): Text Link Ads

January 9th, 2007 - 4.37 AM | No Comments » 2.0 – It Is Coming [Screenshot]

09/01/07 - 04.27

Wow! The guys over at have just posted a teaser screenshot of how the service is going to look in the upcoming 2.0 release. Lovely! Screenshot

I am very excited about this product, and I expect to have a account running the new version very soon. The review will be cross posted between this blog, and Gizbuzz.

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iPhone – Yes or No?

09/01/07 - 04.19

The common consensus seems to now be that there will be an iPhone at least announced at Macworld tomorrow (Tuesday 9th January). I am still not convinced myself. Yes I think that it would be cool – but I am not sure that Apple have got what it takes to do it right now.

But I say this in the pure hope to be proved wrong. So lets see how it goes…

Update: Yes they released it!

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Netvibes, My New Homepage

09/01/07 - 04.00

I had been using ever since it was released. But since my default browser has switched to Safari I find that Google’s homepage doesn’t quite cut it for me. Also in the recent Mashable Social Networking awards I noticed that a lot of other start pages were getting a lot of attention. I tried Pageflakes, but couldn’t quite take that, and then played around with Netvibes.

Here is what some of it looks like:


This is pretty much the first non Google product I am using in a space where Google has got a decent product already. And it feels kind of good to do. I thought that I would have difficulties with my calendar (which is managed and edited in iCal but broadcast to Google Calendar) and my email etc. since they are all on Google. But no – thanks to open standards I was able to pull off all the data to this independent service.

There is one module/gadget/widget that I can’t find a replacement for. And that is the Google Reader one. Netvibes is great with RSS – it is basically built with RSS completely at it’s core – but it doesn’t have one module that will serve me up all the new items from all of my favourite feeds. I have to have a separate module per feed. Luckily Netvibes is pretty fast loading and I keep all of the feeds over on one tab so it is ok, but it is not perfect. However on the flipside, still in the area of RSS, netvibes does have one advantage over Google – it has an ultra lightweight feed display function for viewing full posts. Very simple, but very good. Just what I want.

Ze Frank

Speaking of the tabs – they are one area in which Google’s homepage really doesn’t perform well. Switching between them seems to involve a request being sent to the server and correspondingly it takes far too long. With Netvibes you can choose to have all tabs load at once – or just the the first tab to. I have all of the tabs load at once so it is lightning quick to change between them. The final highlight for me is that Netvibes counts up all the new items that you have on your page and displays the total in the title of the page. So if I keep it open I will know when I have something new to see to. Whether that is a podcast has been released, or I’ve got an email, or there are new photos from my friends on Flickr, or a new post on a blog, or … Netvibes can handle it.

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Word Count Journal

06/01/07 - 15.53

Word Count Journal Word Count Journal is a blogging platform focused on doing a little bit everyday. When you sign up you create a journal like you would create a project. You specify some parameters that you think you can stick to. Say – maintain output for 1 year and increase the number of words in each post by one each day for the year, starting with one word. They are the default options, and are what I signed up for.

I am strangely attracted to the concept. And the added bonus of adding a photo to each entry is really nice. It becomes much more of a photoblog, especially when you only have 1 or 2 words to describe it. So far I have stuck to the limits and produced a post every day with the right number of words. Here are some of them.

Word Count Journal

There are a few little bugs in the system, and things that I would prefer to work slightly differently. For instance the images are not put in the RSS feed and they are awkwardly resized on the page (as seen above). But I got in touch with the people behind the service and they assure me there will be improvements very soon.

For the moment I am mirroring all the content on Flickr where I can store the photos in full resolution – in this friends only photoset.

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