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Firefox 3 Beta 1 – Nice Mac Theme

20/11/07 - 18.34

I downloaded and installed Firefox 3 Beta 1 today as it would seem so did lots of other people. I am a bit out of the loop on Firefox development and I wasn’t really sure what the new version had that was new. And I didn’t really care to be honest — I don’t use Firefox at the moment (I’m using Camino instead).

 Anyway: I don’t want to comment on the new features as I don’t know what they are. But I will say that if you install the prototype of the mac theme — which is not installed by default but there are instructions re: how to do it on the Firefox Start page — the browser looks really nice.

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Who Is Going To Buy A Kindle? Almost No One

20/11/07 - 18.29

There is a lot of discussion going on about the Kindle at the moment. This is this new “e-book” reader from Amazon. You can carry round zillions of books in your pocket and buy books when you are on the move (and read them instantly). And it only costs $400.

Who do Amazon think are going to buy this thing? It is being marketted as if it is suitable for non-geeks. There are lines in the promotional video like “no need to have a computer” etc. But Amazon have just really missed the point here I think. Books are good technology. They are doing really well, and they have done for a long time. However simple they can make the interface it is never going to be as simple as opening a book. And it’s going to be more expensive.

And I don’t know about you but I tend to only read one book at once. Why the hell would I want to carry around so many at once? At first I thought the situation was that this device fixed a problem that didn’t exist. Books are after all good as they are. But I think now after reading some more about it I don’t think that it even does fix this imaginary problem. Reading is still going to be awkward with this fancy electronic ink screen and it will just not be the same as the reading that everyone is useful.

I can’t see a single reason why anyone would buy this device when you could buy an Eee Pc for the same price. It just makes absolutely no sense.

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The Web Riddle

07/11/07 - 16.25

Rerelease of the web riddle will be coming soon. Watch out for notices on this blog in a few weeks.

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