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Marketing Pilgrim Have A Competition On

12/02/08 - 18.38

And you could win an iPod Touch. Or I could ;)  Get involved.

Competition link.

[ Disclosure: This post constitutes my “upgrade” if I win the touch. ]

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Interesting Maths Problem

11/02/08 - 21.27

Last week I did a pyschology experiment in gambling. I got to keep my winnings as a way of thanking me for my participation.  The experiment was a simple slot machine with the setup was as follows:

  • I started with £5.
  • Each spin cost £0.25.
  • Every time I won I got £1.50.
  • The chance of winning a particular spin was 1/6.

I had to play for about 30 minutes in order for the experimenters to get enough information about what they were interested in and then I could choose to stop whenever I wanted. If I hit £0 I had to stop.

The question is: When should you stop?

I stopped at £6.50 which I was pleased with at the time since I had started with only £5. However afterwards thinking about it I realised there was an equal chance of hitting zero and getting £10 (moving £5 down or £5 up). And therefore a higher chance of hitting £9 than there was of hitting £0. I felt robbed. Should I? When it is the optimal time to stop?

Thanks to Scott Murphy for thinking through this.

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Ice Cream Is Going To Save The Day… Again

11/02/08 - 21.20

Incredible song.

Thanks to Andy & Berni.

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Make Twitter A Command Line

11/02/08 - 21.14

At Le Web 3 Conference Evan Williams, serial entrepreneur and founder of Twitter said that:

Twitter’s a mobile command line.

And he’s right it is. Command lines are brilliant, they make it fast to do things through a simple interface. But to me a useful command line requires two things. It needs to be easy to access which Twitter certainly is. And it needs to have useful commands. I understand that Twitter has caught on because of it’s simplicity but what I want to suggest is with increased extensibility Twitter could be a groundbreaking product.

At the minute you can use Twitter to tell people what you are doing. It is a status machine. And it’s a very fine one. But it could do much more. Twitter’s presence across so many platforms makes it a great way of communicating for other developers to tap into. So imagine if you could text other commands to make Twitter do different things… I’m talking:

  • “event” – Adds an event to your Google / Hotmail / Yahoo Calendar
  • “email” – Sends the following text as an email
  • “loc” – Update your location – This could be shown on a map on your Twitter profile.
  • “fbmsg” – Send a Facebook message.
  • etc etc.

Lets be clear here… All of these “extra features” could be turned off by default or you could have to start each “command” message with an exclaimation mark or something to mark it out as different. Then Twitter could process it as a command and do whatever is necessary.

My inspiration for this comes from YubNub mainly I think which is a Social Command line that anyone can make commands for. I think Twitter could be great if you could make commands on the fly. I could develop a little app to sit on my site that could get information from me while I’m on the move (using a suitably long command). There could be global commands and ones that only worked from your number that you could make yourself. Twitter could become the defacto protocol of SMS – web interaction. I think it’d be brilliant.

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Flickr Protest

05/02/08 - 18.35

Flickr don’t want to become part of Microsoft. And who blames them! No one wants Flickr to become Windows Live Photo Spaces with Silverlight plugin obligatory with an uploader for Windows only etc etc. Not that any of this would probably actually happen… Flickr is one of the few things on the Internet that I happily pay for. And if that money was going to Microsoft I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. Anyway for the moment just enjoy this image:

Flickr Protest

By jcrr on Flickr.

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