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Inbox Zero

09/05/08 - 16.20

I’m still running with Inbox Zero which is an ideology from Merlin Mann about how to deal with email quickly and efficiently. You can adapt it to be however you like but the basic premise is that everything that arrives in your inbox needs to be acted upon. Throw it out, file it away, reply (now!), mark it for later etc. In this way you can keep your inbox brand spankingly empty.

I love it.

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O2 Online System Randomly Resets Your Username For Security Reasons

09/05/08 - 16.13

O2 LogoHere’s the situation. I’ve been having problems viewing my online bill on the O2 website. I’m a fully paid up customer but I’m always interested to know how much I’m spending. And since I don’t get any paper bills anymore this is my only way to check. So today I called up O2 and asked them about the problem that I was having. I was having a “Login Error 2″ as it turned out.

Login Error 2: You don’t know your details because we’ve changed them

The man at the other end of the phone explained this to me. He said that an O2 security feature was to randomly change users usernames and passwords to keep people’s details safe. My username had been slightly modified to have a different number and my password had been reset to the ever secure “abc123″.

The best part of this security feature is that O2 don’t email to tell you that they’ve changed your details they wait for you to get the Login Error 2 which instructs you to call O2 for support. Unbelievable!

I don’t know how often or how widespread this is. From the manner of the man on the phone I would certainly guess that it isn’t that unusual. The idea though that someone somewhere thinks that automatically, and secretly changing users usernames and passwords could possibly be beneficial to either the customer or O2 itself is utterly bizarre. The man I was speaking to certainly thought it was a good idea – because as he pointed out if someone had found out my login details then they would no longer be able to access my account.

The fact that someone might suddenly know my password was “abc123″ didn’t seem to occur to him. I just don’t understand it at all.

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