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Asbestos? Emmanuel College Paddock

28/02/09 - 11.37

Something has appeared on Emmanuel College Paddock. Fibreglass with bits of roof on. All protected by two boundaries… What is it? Been there since Fri 27th Feb PM.

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February 27th 2009: Lizzie Arrives

27/02/09 - 23.05

Lizzie is down for the weekend. Very good to see her. Going on a walk somewhere tomorrow & to see The Reader. Today my access day went ok and my supervision was good.

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February 26th 2009: 9 Hours

27/02/09 - 01.45

Managed to get a lot of work done today. Still ploughing on now but edging very close to a near perfect solution set 6 days early. Had another Happy Hour too. Lizzie here tomorrow & I’m doing an access day.

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February 25th 2009: Two Hours, One Question

25/02/09 - 21.02

Spent two hours on a very simple problem today. It just kept going wrong again and again. Got it now though. Pilot Wave theory in the afternoon followed by some computing. Foccacia for tea! Now in the library…

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February 24th 2009: On A Roll

24/02/09 - 19.48

Worked in the lab until 3 and then had a fantastic shopping experience. Went to ASDA – brilliant shop. Everything just seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Went to pizza hut – happy hour deal. Went to Tesco and got asked to do a £30 survey next week (1 hours work!). And I got paid today. Pancakes coming shortly…

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February 23rd 2009: Good Access

23/02/09 - 18.10

Enjoyable access day with people from Sweyne Park. An access day I totally forgot about until late last night. Picked up suit from the dry cleaners & handed in QCM. Starting SCM.

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February 22nd 2009: QCM

22/02/09 - 16.07

Working on QCM today. Just back from St Albans. Must be done by tomorrow. #potd

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Test Run: QCM

22/02/09 - 16.02

Photo of the Day. Must have work done by 2 pm tomorrow. 6 questions at least. Curry later.

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