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America ’09: Warship in Boston Harbour

22/03/09 - 15.39

This is a warship open to members of the public. Free entry! But that comes with the warning that this is a real warship and that it has not been modified for the safety of tourists. It clearly has, but there is still a sign that says this. Can see cramped conditions that many people worked in etc.

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America ’09: Aboard the Ferry

22/03/09 - 14.28

The top deck of the ferry that we went on around the harbour. We had to stop for a few minutes for the large green tanker to safely pass through the port. Apparently it carries natural gas and is at least a little controversial.

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March 21st 2009: Flying to Boston

22/03/09 - 14.24

Woke after not very much sleep at all at 4.30 to go and get on the coach. Thanks Andy for letting me out of college. I slept a bit on the coach. Arrived at Heathrow at 8.00. Checked in and went through security. Then got some breakfast at Spoons. Sausage sandwich. At about 10.20 left the terminal in a bus towards the plane, finally leaving London just after 10.45. Limited on board film selection with the entertainment being non-interactive. I watched some of Madagascar 2: Back 2 Africa, but didn’t really enjoy it. Then on the second loop I watched some of Starksey & Hutch. It was ok.
Landed in Boston and lost 4 hours. It’s now 14.00. Met Nick at the airport. Went on a bus and a train back to his house. Dropped off my bag and headed to MIT. Really nice campus and university buildings. Got a Subway footlong from the MIT students union and walked to Harvard. Looked round the university very briefly and went to Lowell house where James wants to live next year. We then got the subway to the centre of Boston and walked from there to Nick’ house. Went to bed early – 9.45 ish. Rather tired.

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America ’09: Boston Skyline

22/03/09 - 04.36

View from the ferry we took around Boston Harbour.

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America ’09: Boston Harbour

22/03/09 - 04.35

We took a ferry from here for a tour of the harbour. To our surprise the ferry stopped at the other side in Charlestown as part of the trip. We jumped off and spent a couple of hours there.

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America ’09: Walking Around Boston

22/03/09 - 04.31

Just near a very large Borders in central Boston. We walked here along the freedom trail.

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America ’09: Boston Public Library

22/03/09 - 04.26

Extremely grand building. A lovely library by all accounts. This is the main reading room.

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America ’09: New York Times – Sat 21st March

22/03/09 - 04.22

Delivered to Nick’s house. Not through the letterbox though – just left on the doorstep in a plastic bag.
A few other interesting notes about newspapers and the distribution of them:
1. You can buy newspapers from a machine on the street or get a free one from these machines.
2. The paper is roughly square when all unfolded. Very different form- factor to anything in the UK. Probably closest to “the Berliner” but taller still.
3. Crosswords are not cryptic and have very few black squares.
4. Print covers almost all of the paper. Much closer to the edge than seen in the UK.

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America ’09: View From Nick’s Room

21/03/09 - 19.48

The view from Nick’s house on Fenway. Taken Saturday 21st – AM.

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America ’09: Apple Store, Boston

21/03/09 - 15.35

Not too far from where Nick lives. Ridiculously spacious inside. They had the new shuffles – which are ridiculously small. Open til 10 pm Mon – Sat.

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