Sam Davyson


The first thing Digg should do to improve DiggBar

12/04/09 - 11.18

Everyone is ranting about the DiggBar at the moment. It’s stealing content, search engine credit, pageviews… However I haven’t seen anyone suggest a minor change which would (I think) make a signifcant improvement.

If you click on a site on Digg and are presented with some content with the DiggBar overlaid, and then if click on some content on the page you remain at the because of the framing. When you then come to click on the clock button on the DiggBar you get sent back to the original page that was dugg. Instead they should detect the current page in the main frame and load you that. It’s a tiny bit of JavaScript to detect the location and load it.

It doesn’t stop the arguments about it but it certainly improves it I think.

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