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Car Pool – Excellent video podcast by Robert Llewellyn

15/07/09 - 23.12
Stephen Fry on Car Pool

Stephen Fry on Car Pool

I’ve just found out about this Car Pool podcast by Robert Llewellyn. Each episode shows him driving a passenger to work or between meetings or similar. The passengers he has had are all really interesting and the conversation is always engaging. Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, Jason Calacanis, David Mitchell… Viewing these people riding around in a car makes them seem much more human than how they are normally presented.

I found this after listening to some of last weeks TWiT episode.

You can view it on or iTunes.

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Microsoft Office Live on the iPhone: failed to create an account

14/07/09 - 13.17

Rather a shame because I wanted to play around with it. Does the web interface work at all on the iPhone? I assume that there will be an app at some stage. I’ve been away and haven’t had chance to fully look through the announcements yet.

Update: Apologies I got the wrong end of the stick here. This is not the new product that Microsoft released. That is not yet available. This is something to do with viewing documents.

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