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Leo Laporte speaking at TEDx 19/02/10 - 16.31

He’s calling for everyone to produce content: blog posts, video, tweets, photos. Anything.

He briefly addresses the problem that if everyone produces content there is no way that you’re going to get much attention. He worms out of it by suggesting that good content will surface. Maybe true but it means that 90%+ of content producers have to deal with no audience engagement which is what Leo’s found so rewarding with his TWiT network.

He’s certainly right to an extent but I think “old media” still have a solid position for the moment as places to find entertainment.

Why aren’t there cheaper smart phones?

19/02/10 - 16.25

People talk about the “apple tax” but the HTC Desire costs the same on pay as you go as the iPhone 3GS does (both £450). Yes you can argue that the HTC Desire better but we all know that Apple will be catching up in most areas in June and they will probably keep the price the same.

It seems to me that there is significant opportunity to offer powerful, cheaper smartphones. I know O2 are touting the HTC Smart as this very thing. But it doesn’t run android. I think (and hope) that when Nexus One and HTC Desire have their contract pricing plans revealed – should be soon as they launch in late March – we’ll see better plans for less. Ideally £30 a month for 18 months. But I fear £35 for 24. In which case they have no edge over the iPhone at all.

The iPhone is expensive and Apple is making huge amounts on it. HTC should be able to hit lower price points: don’t write much software, don’t do as much marketting etc.

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New Bookmarklet for DavysoNub

08/02/10 - 18.02

I’ve added a bookmarklet to DavysoNub which gives you all the power of DavysoNub from any website you might be on. Particularly improved is adding commands. Find a site that you want to add to DavysoNub just click the bookmarklet and use the “n” command plus the term you’d like it to have. The bookmarklet grabs the URL for you. So all you need to do is add a description and hit done. The bookmarklet throws you back to the URL you just added.

Possible future features include adding a description right from the page, and maybe an overlay so you never have to navigate away from the page.

You can grab the bookmarklet from the DavysoNub homepage.

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Apple iPad

01/02/10 - 02.32

There’s been an incredible volume of text written about the as-of-yet unavailable iPad. I don’t want to add too much to it, other than just to place my opinion on the record for reviewing in future.

I think that the iPad will be a huge success. I don’t think it will have colossal sales initially. It’s going to take a while for everyone to see it up close and for developers to produce apps that show off the power of such a large screened portable device. I think many more of us than we expect may have one much sooner than we expect. Chrome OS netbooks or tablets versus this will be extremely interesting. Something of note is that Chrome OS has no native apps as a key part of it’s design – everything is a web app. Sort of fairer than Apple’s picking and choosing, but also sort of more restrictive than the App Store model.

A new version of the hardware will ship probably just under 12 months after the original which may address some of the issues that some people are pointing to as complete show stoppers. I’d be surprised if the price for the lowest end model ever slipped below $499. Although continual iPhone price drops would suggests Apple does do this, most of these relate to payment over the length of a long contract which disguises the rather static price. iPhones do not cost $99/$199.

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