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The end of iTunes: Spotify is the next generation 27/04/10 - 12.12

Spotify launched a big updated to their desktop software today with a focus on social.

To kick it off we’ve added a number of social features, centered on a fully editable Spotify music profile, with the ability to publish playlists, top artists and top tracks for public view. Discovering these profiles is simple as we’ve connected with Facebook so that you can instantly add your friends’ profiles.

As well as introducing a variety of new social features, Spotify is evolving into a total music management platform. We’ve added a ‘Library’ folder in the left side bar, enabling you to combine your own music library with ours.

It is a shame that they have integrated with Facebook on this but I guess it is the done thing these days. Crucially you don’t have to have anything to do with Facebook to take advantage of the new features. You can add new friends by searching for them using the syntax:


You can now send friends songs, browse their playlists, and subscribe to them. Add to this you can now play local music within Spotify and it will be wirelessly synced to your mobile device!

iTunes: Game over.

Determine which political party best matches your ideas

12/04/10 - 01.49

There are numerous websites that present you with policies and allow you to answer a series to questions leading to them revealing who they think you should vote for in the UK 2010 General Election.

#1  How To Vote – link

#2  Who Should you Vote For – link

#3 Active History – link

#4 Vote Match – link

#5 Select Smart – link

#6 Vote For Policies – link

See what you get. You may be surprised.

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