Sam Davyson


Introducing Davyson Continue

07/03/10 - 18.14

Davyson Continue is a seamless way to continue browsing the internet as you move devices. Imagine the scenario: you’re reading a news story on your laptop. You’re heading out but would love to continue reading on your iPhone when you get on the bus. With Davyson Continue you hit one button when you leave your laptop to save and then one button on your iPhone to resume. And you can do it back the other way too. Unlimited devices. All you need is the ability to add bookmarks.

No more having to navigate through websites to find where you were on your previous device. No more having to copy and paste or to type out long URLs. Instead Davyson Continue gets you instantly to the content you’re interested in.

Setting up is totally trivial on a computer (10 seconds) but a bit more hairy on the iPhone (maybe 90 seconds). It’s a hosted service available free with no signup required.

Find it in the Projects Directory.

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