Sam Davyson


Salesforce Spring ’14 Pre-Release

20/12/13 - 00.40

Salesforce Spring ’14 Sandboxes are available now at this form.

Salesforce had a big release of Salesforce1 outside of its normal release schedule – so this release may be lighter on changes.

Features noticed so far:

  • New object – Orders, Order Products
  • New settings page – session management. Abort sessions
  • New settings page – file type download settings
  • Chatter – endorse people for topics – can not endorse yourself
  • Chatter – follow topics
  • Topics for Objects – a revamp of tags –> can use topics in list views…
  • Chatter – group settings – you can edit a page layout for a group – don’t know where this shows up. Also has related list – members and group files. No way to add fields.
  • Chatter – apply custom branding to Chatter emails.
December 20th, 2013 - 12.40 AM | 1 Comment »
  • Colm J Mitchell

    The Orders object is certainly very interesting…. Was expecting to see a button to create an order from an opportunity – so will be interesting to see how these are linked.

    The developer console also has a few changes that I can see: Extra preferences – themes and font sizes, minimize sections of code and they appear to have fixed scrolling issues in firefox at least.

    Forecasting menu looks to have been updated – you can now add up to 4 different forecast types.

    Not sure if they will be adding more features to this release as we get closer to the main release.