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The Web Riddle

12/04/06 - 00.12

I have written a bit about web riddles before. They typically consist of a single page. The aim is simple. Get to the next page. And that is it, you use clues that you pick up from around the page to determine the URL of the next page. There are quite a few of these things out there already. Some with 100 and more levels.

I have had great fun playing them, and thought it might be even more fun to make one. The Web Riddle is the result of my effort. It is not 100 levels long. It is new for heavens sake! At the moment there are just four levels. However they are all fairly tough. At the end of the fourth level there is a stop off, with a list of people who made it. If you get there make sure you leave your name so we can see who are the best riddlers.

So far I have tested the riddle on a few friends. None of them made it through completely unaided. So there’s a challenge — you could be the first. As we are still in the early stages if you are interested in designing levels in the future then do get in touch. Also if you think a particular level is too hard, is plain rubbish, or has misleading clues then the same applies. Let me know and I’ll get it changed.

There are a few more levels already in the planning stages so there will be more soon but the main development is expected over the summer. I hope you enjoy The Web Riddle.

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