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Web Riddle Update

11/05/06 - 20.51

Riddle -- Level 1I recently added four further levels top bring the total up on the web riddle to eight. But much more significantly come the end of Google’s Da Vinci Quest the puzzle hungry people over at Google Blogosocoped have started playing the riddle. This is providing me with a lot of feedback about the riddle (just by some of the URLs being tried, emails I am receiving, comments etc) and increasing the riddle’s exposure greatly.

In terms of progress many of the testers were worried that the whole thing was a little too hard. And perhaps it is. But I think it is good that way. The more challenging the more rewarding. Most people do not get past level 1. But many people show no signs of stopping trying. Guessing is not required, but it sometimes is a fun way to let your agression out. The image shows what they are all up against.

Most notably Tony Ruscoe (blog) has managed to complete all eight of the levels. This is absolutely exceptional. The testers (who were supplied with much more guidance) took longer than this. Hats of to him, seriously. He may help write some later levels. In the meantime Ribrob is doing levels 9 to 12, and I am writing he following set (which is almost done).

Happy Riddling!

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